People, Planet, Purpose

PEOPLE - an Equal Opportunities employer


The Moon Unit is an Equal Opportunities employer with a multigenerational, multicultural and multilingual crew.


For the last decade we’ve intentionally been a 50% female/ 50% male team in an industry that has appalling gender equality stats. This isn’t tokenism, it’s meritocracy.  Women are grossly under-represented in the creative industries.


We commit to maintaining this system in perpetuity, and source the best talent on the planet irrespective of gender, culture, skin color, education or any other agendas. The quality of work, client skills, and fluency in English are the only criteria. Everyone is paid the same rate, no matter where they are physically located.



PLANET – stuff we don’t do


We love creativity – brilliant ideas, expertly delivered. It’s in our DNA.


Many of these ideas are in film. Others are in TV series or AR/VR. And some are in advertising.


But not all advertising is the same.


Over the years we’ve drawn the line as to what we feel comfortable working on, and what we don’t.


·         We won’t work for fossil fuel clients. TMU signed the Clean Creatives pledge back in 2019. We believe it’s time to sever our ties with an industry that profits by destroying the very substrate that sustains life, in full knowledge of the fact, with no apparent regard for future generations.


·         We won’t work with cigarette brands, who wrote the advertising playbook the fossil fuel companies are using. Making people addicted to a product that kills half its users isn’t great either.


There are many rabbit holes here. But the above are clearly off-limits to us.





PURPOSE – supporting those who need it most


We support great causes whenever we can. We don’t just mean keyboard activists who like and share. IRL, many of us are activists who genuinely support, petition or march for human rights, climate action, LGBT issues, gun control, democracy, deforestation and other vital concerns of our times. Truth is, even our CEO is a Wikipedia-listed climate activist.


We will do charity and non-profit projects for free, if we’re available, and have delivered dozens to date over the last 8 years including Amnesty International, Greenpeace, Nothing but Nets, TEMA, NVVE, Talking2Minds, Heart Kids, UNOS and others.


We are experts at Ideation / creating original concepts, Writing, Visual Research and Design. Our goal is to provide outstanding high end production values for those causes that need it most.




We’ve raised over $40k in the last 6 months for Ukraine, specifically in food distribution and for childrens’ hospitals. This is an ongoing action.


Over the years we’ve planted around 10,000 trees across the US, Europe and NZ. Want to know where and what species? Click here to check it out. We commit to planting 1 tree for every job that comes through, in perpetuity.