TMU's 2018 Cannes Lions predictions may surprise you.

Time to dust off your clapping and champagne-flute-holding hands: it's festival time again. 

Whatever your take on Cannes - from creative hotbed to industry circle jerk - there's no denying that every year there is some stand out creative work. This year we’ve decided to get our crystal ball out and predict what that's going to be. 

Check out our top picks:

Apple 'Welcome Home'

Agency: TBWA / Media Arts Lab

Sometimes an ad is so entertaining and well-constructed that you're unable to tell if you're even being sold anything. Some might say that's the mark of smart advertising. When we first saw this, we thought we were watching a music video.

Apple combined the musical genius of Anderson .Paak with FKA Twigs’ dance moves, and captured it all through the visionary eye of director Spike Jonze. Add on the D&ADs that ‘Welcome Home’ already has under its belt, and this spot is a very strong contender. Best art direction? Highly likely.

Lacoste ‘Timeless’

Agency: BETC Paris

‘Timeless’ condenses decades’ worth of narrative into one very long minute, complete with an emotive score that’ll have even the most emotionally inured fighting back tears.

However, the real points here should be awarded for brand representation: it's the concept that takes the cake. With any luck this spot will prove as timeless as the polo shirt itself. We think it's likely this will scoop up an award for cinematography.

Lotto Powerball ‘Imagine - Armoured Truck'

Agency: DDB

*TMU's best in show*

Imagine if you drove an armoured truck for a living. Imagine that truck was packed to the brim with cash. Now imagine just driving off with the lot of it, and never once looking back.

Either an ad moves you emotionally, or not. This surprise package from New Zealand has all the right ingredients: excellent casting, great performances, assured direction, leading up to a reversal of expectation that almost knocked us off our seats. The outcome? A heart-warming and powerful campaign that’s sure to give you goose bumps. For us, this is the best in show.

Tinder ‘Invention of Together’

Agency: Buck

It's not often that we come across animated TVCs that are as well thought out and detailed as ‘Invention of Together’. Not to say that we're busy scraping bits of brain off the wall behind us, but this spot definitely deserves more than one viewing - it’s the perfect blend of cute, creative and intricate.

Palau Pledge

Agency: Host/Havas

Taking a step away from traditional print and TVC advertising, this out-of-the-box and forward thinking campaign has been hot on our radar recently.

‘Palau pledge’ has made the country the “first nation on earth to change its immigration laws for the cause of environmental protection” by making tourists sign a pledge of preservation on arrival in the country. Frankly, it’s inspiring seeing a whole country do this - we’d be surprised if this one didn’t walk away with a glass lion.

Steinlager ‘Fight for Territory’

Agency: DDB/APN Outdoor

Bold, smart, cheeky. Innovative too, but that’s a boring buzzword these days. The folks over at APN Outdoor & DDB have outdone themselves with this concept which takes an age-old rugby rivalry out of the stadium and lets the fans participate in the feud themselves. We’ve got our eyes on this for the Outdoor craft award.s

Tide ‘It’s a Tide ad’

Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi NY

Ok, we’ve already seen it at the Superbowl, but it was too good to pass up on this list. What makes it so special? Well it’s not just David Harbour’s quirkiness, nor the weird and surreal parodies that are kind of funny and occasionally uncomfortable to watch. It’s because this campaign made everything else an advertisement for Tide (even non-competitors!). That’s a feat that shouldn’t go unnoticed at Cannes.

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