Podcast: Out of This World Pitch Decks

Arty and Justin from The Video Jungle blast off into the Moon Unit's orbit with Katniss about...

-How The Moon Unit got started

-How The Moon Unit helps creatives visualize their pitches

-The art of the pitch deck and what it takes to make a great one

-Curating unique imagery and experiences versus typical stock photos

-Time travel

-Client confidentiality (trust us, your secrets are safe with The Moon Unit!)

-The perfect alias for Justin's first born child

-Why The Moon Unit uses aliases and which members have the best nicknames

-Why Katniss chose 'Katniss' as her alias

-Trends in media and how that can affect a pitch deck

-Pre production and how pitch decks and treatments can help

-Why brands should consider using pitch decks and treatments to share with their agencies and third party creative teams

Listen to the full podcast here

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